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Hypnosis/Past Life Regression

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Alena Kupchella Gourley, MSW, Certified Consulting Hypnotist is a healer specializing in past life regression and hypnotic healing. She received her B.S. in Biology and Chemistry from IUP in 2003 and her Master of Social Work from the University of KY in 2006. She received her Past Life Regression training in 2007 in Arizona. We utilize hypnosis to access a past life and work with your Healing Angels, Guides, Ancestors, Elementals and Spirit Animals. She is honored to be a part of the process to help clients heal current or past relationship issues, physical, mental or emotional traumas, phobias, anxieties or addictions.

She obtained her National Guild of Hypnotist certification in 2020.  Hypnosis can be utilized for many issues, 

Offering many classes to share knowledge gained from Spirit and her own mystical journey.


"May our sessions bring everything that 

is exactly right for you!"


Weight loss 6 sessions recommended, weekly or biweekly and then monthly tune up sessions. Root of issue. Script for loss. Regression to cause (as many as we need) Past life regression. Teach self hypnosis. Body and system reset.


Smoking cessation 3 sessions recommended, weekly and then monthly tune up sessions recommended


Opening to your divinity-A special 6 session, program customized to your learning and growth needs to embrace and enhance your gifts


Healing intergenerational trauma-A special 6 session, program customized to your healing and mindset needs, releasing old patterns and traumas


Improve sports performance and mental fortitude. At least 3 sessions recommended, with monthly tune ups as needed. Improve focus, flow and the implementation of skills



Staff team building evenings! A fun evening of hypnosis fun and personal improvement


Sessions can be purchased individually at $150/session. A package of 3 at $420. A package of 6 at $780.

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