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Fitness Classes

Where the mind and body meet.

At Bella and Transform, we believe in full-body wellness. Join our fitness team as they teach you how to connect your mind and body, release tension, melt away stress, and move your body. 

Our classes are small for intimate instruction. They are customized for all fitness experience levels a|nd perfect for any age.


Buy 5 classes get one free!
$15 per class. You must prepay for class. 
Pilates | Yoga | Zumba

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Pilates: Join Renee for a total mind, body, and spirit connection through intuitive movement. This is a low impact form of fitness that is beneficial and doable for people of all fitness levels. The main focus is strengthening and stretching your muscles. You will learn how to connect your breath into your movements. All of the exercises will take place on a yoga mat (bring you own or use the ones we have here for our participants) We do a combination of either body weight and/or incorporating pilates equipment into the exercises (all will be provided.) When you leave this class you will be feeling stronger, taller, grounded and rejuvenated!

Slow Flow Yoga: Join Jasmine in a class to unwind in the evening. Slow down and breathe through the middle of your week. Slow paced vinyasa flow, lots of deep breathing and stretching. This class is for all levels.

CardioKick: Join Bailey for a comprehensive mixed martial arts training class. Punch, kick, and strike to elevate your heart rate and strengthen your muscles. Cardiokick will be sure to leave you feeling empowered, strong, and sweaty!

Choreo Calm: Join Holli for a morning choreo class that features slower and flowing movements with more relaxing music.

Choreo Basics: Join Holli for a beginner choreo class that has simplified routines with more specific instructions.

Choreo Advanced: Join Holli for a more upbeat and rigorous choreo class. A fasster paced class with jumping and toning moves. Get ready to sweat!

***All Choreo classes welcome all ages and skill levels. Holli is always open to song requests for new routines.

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